MMA Fitness

Class Schedules  (MMA / Aerobic Kickboxing – Ages 13 and up)

Tuesday & Thursday

  • 8 p.m.

About MMA Fitness

Mixed Martial Arts training is a great workout, thus good fitness. Add in kickboxing, a lot of calories are burned. Along with the fitness, self-defense is learned.

An aerobic teacher in San Antonio Texas fought off an intruder into her home by pushing him back over and over, after a while the intruder became tired and left. The aerobic teacher’s superior fitness saved her from being assaulted. This becomes true in self-defense situations also once the defender becomes tired the fight is over, same in competition.

In the ring, the best technique is useless if the fighter is tired. Coaches try to monitor their player’s tired-ness, as even the most conditioned athlete will tire out at some point. One of the instructors was involved in a road rage incident where the aggressor attacked him once they were out of their vehicles. The instructor didn’t want to hurt the aggressor necessarily so he grabbed him around his upper body and held on while the obviously intoxicated man took wild swings at him. After about 10 minutes the aggressor was tired and had to sit down, so the instructor simply left.

What’s great about MMA Fitness Kickboxing at Bob Davis Karate is the repetition of the various techniques that develop fighting skills, fast accurate kicks, punches and blocks. This will help you in an actual self-defense situation and in competition as well.

The student’s health will improve due to improved conditioning. The student will also find his/her motivation increases as goals are accomplished, improvements are seen and consistency takes hold. Confidence is also the goal at Bob Davis Karate, as confidence increases general health increases. Confidence happens as the student develops self-defense skills. There is a point at which the student crosses over in their skills that they know they can defend themselves. This point is what we strive for at Bob Davis Karate.

About the Class

The class starts with warm up and stretching done slowly. Good flexibility takes time and you want to avoid pulling muscles while you work on your split. But there’s no better feeling when you reach a full split. It’s not required to do the class but it’s a great goal and one that is recommended. Then we teach basic techniques so they are executed correctly, after which we start the aerobic section of the class which is non-stop to create the aerobic effect so endurance is accomplished and proper heart rate levels are reached. Some floor rolling and falls are done to work on MMA.

Optional sparring is offered. At Bob Davis Karate we have hanging bags and stand up bags along with hand held bags to enhance the training. Developing power is one of the big benefits of fitness training. We invite you to try the MMA Fitness Kickboxing at Bob Davis Karate.